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Light after the Storm

20160719_202715After a storm, I saw a bright light outside my window. It was late, so ordinarily it would have been much darker. I looked outside at the sky and saw that after such a mighty torrential rain, there was a bright light in the back yard. In the front yard, it was nearly dark. It didn’t make sense that a full moon might be casting its light so high in the sky so early. Plus the back yard is more easterly. I ran outside to the street in front and looked up and toward the western most point by the river. I saw the unusual sunset. In the midst of deep clouds that enveloped the sky, there was an opening of pure light reflected by the setting sun. In life, the dark clouds of difficulty overshadow our spirit. It’s almost as though we must chase after an opening, peer deeply into the problem and grab hope in the midst of it. Then a glimmer of light might burst forth, spill over, and shine its light on our circumstance.

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