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Facing a Den of Lions




How do we live our lives while being true to ourselves and God?

Daniel of old faced a den of lions. Even though we have no den of lions we face today, daily we make choices. Others tell us what is right and what is wrong in their thinking.   Still when we face a decision, our plumb line is what God, His values and truths, are. That is our anchor. That is our standard. Sheldon wrote In His Steps that we consider asking, in each situation, what the Lord would do if He were you or I. Seek God. Know Him. He will surely guide us in to all light and truth. Pray and you will find your way in the labyrinth of life.  .

Daniel lived in wicked Babylon. But he lived there on his own terms. He still acknowledged His God, Jehovah. He was favored by the King and was given a position of authority. The King had to follow the foolish rules he had written. He sentenced Daniel to the Lion’s Den. The king fasted hoping Daniel would be saved. When he emerged unscathed, the king embraced Daniel. The lions had no power because God caused even the lions to be calm in Daniel’s presence. The king was so impressed by the miracle, he acknowledged God and decreed that his entire kingdom to respect and revere the God of Daniel. The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, Jehovah.


Today our culture has traits of Babylon, people worshipping false Gods, taking on wrong values and confusing right from wrong. God’s people are called to stand firm in the midst of confusion. To not be swayed by what we see or what others tell us to do. People are beheaded by terrorists, because they follow the true God. They were not spared physically as Daniel was, yet, in the face of death, they maintained their composure.

Even through a barbarous act, God’s purposes may still served. Faced with evil, who will not turn away from their beliefs? Only those who are firm in their knowledge of the true God. How many have been saved because of others’ sacrifices even today? Followers of God have grown in their faith due to these brave souls. Others experienced the miracle of salvation when they were spared in the face of immanent death. How do we live our lives in these days while being true to ourselves and our God?


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