Walking in the Rain

Preparing for tropical storm Hermine
Preparing for tropical storm Hermine


At first my writing students surprised me by saying they loved to walk in the rain.  Each semester, there would always be one or two who would mention that.  Of course it was in the tropics so the rain was always warm and usually stopped in a few minutes only to be sunny with a rainbow to admire afterwards. I started to think about it and I too loved the rain.  Sometimes I would plant in my garden while it was raining. Why not? I didn’t have to water the plants then.  Today a tropical storm downgraded from a hurricane, Hermine, was headed our way in NC.

I used to go out and buy candles, got plenty of water ready enough for days in case the electricity went out on Guam, and make sure I had food that did not have to be cooked.  But today in North Carolina, I had plenty of candles, had cooked enough for a few days the day before, and did not worry about losing electricity.

In fact, my preparation was a walk in the rain on the beach.  Well, we get wet when we go to the beach anyhow, don’t we?  I waded in the water, watched the omnipresent surfers, and watched the waves roll in and out in 3 to 5 foot swells.  Did some yoga on the beach.  And went home before the heavy rains began.  Anyone else like walking in the rain?

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  1. Here we hear all the horror stories about people getting killed when the hurricanes hit our coast, so your carefree attitude is surprising. But knowing you, not very surprising. I would be inland and far enough away that I wouldn’t even need the shutters nailed down … as indeed I am. Pauline the adventurer. I really like your adventuring posts/stories more than your teaching ones. Hope that doesn’t mean I am unteachable. Hugs!

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