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Anna Bachinsky has something to say about waiting and how it builds your faith. Her link is below.  Waiting has never been my strong suit.

One chapter in my book discusses this, Ginger Meadow.   All that waiting in Kosrae where they take their time and don’t fret about it helped me develop patience and made the ending moment of bliss so much more of a sweet perfume.

Realistically, I really do not like waiting.  Waiting in line. I can do this.  No problem.  I just observe folks around me. I wish I would remember to use that time for praying.  Waiting in traffic.  Difficult but still nothing to get too upset about.  Unless it is like the time in Boston when there was a stoppage in the city.  Now that was a long wait–hours.  People got out of their cars, found a restaurant nearby, and came after they ate only to wait some more.

Waiting for a job when you are looking for one. Now that is tough. Develops a thick skin and works on “driving home” confidence when there doesn’t seem to be any. Waiting. I recall waiting to become a mother.  Now that was hard.  Something I wanted so much.  And each time that nine month wait was so worth it. Ah what a miracle.  Have to think now that it is like pregnancy.  The time waiting is necessary for the conditions to be right, for the birth to go well, for the life to blossom.

This helps me a little bit right now. I am impatiently waiting for God’s promises to be fulfilled.  But it will be of course in His time, which will be the best time, of course!

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