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Clay Celebration: Textures of our Lives

The Texture of our Lives

20170510_220921In making pottery, there are limitless ways to decorate a vessel.  This season I am compelled to carve textures on the walls of cylinders, jars and vases. . Various markings are incised on the vessel when it is leather hard—or hard but soft enough to cut without warping the pot.   There are swirls, crossed lines, and curves on white and grey clay that will turn brown in the firing.  In the indentations the glaze will pool more deeply which changes the color and perhaps allows for iridescence or varying hues on the other surfaces.

Textures are like seasons in our lives.  Our daily routine may be the same, however attitudes and approaches change.  Friends and relationships change as the seasons of our lives change.  As teens, we had friends who we swore we would never part from.  In college, we formed alliances; it seemed like these too would never end.  As newlyweds, partnerships melded into unity.  As young parents, exhaustion created a distressing texture in our lives.   As the children grew older, daily life changed dramatically.  When they left and returned home and left again, there was emptiness and loneliness—another texture in our lives.

Textures and various ways of decorating a vessel changes how we react to it.  Character evolves as people do as they weather the storms of life.  Faces sometimes become lined with happiness or worry.  A newborn baby is all smoothness like a vessel right off the wheel still wet with the water used in forming it.

When cutting on the leather hard clay with a sculpting tool, we am careful not to pierce through the wall, just as we exercise resilience when we weather the times of our lives.  If the incision is not too deep, we are not pierced and left with a hole too big to repair.  If it is too shallow, it is hard to even perceive it.  If it pierces part way, it forms a unique quality to our being.  Through our determination, we are transformed.

If we accept the new texture and overcome the challenge it offers us, we become unique–and often more lovely.

Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil; for thou [the Lord] art with me; . . .  Psalm 23:4  (ASV–American Standard Version)


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