Book–Lookin’ Up in Down Times

My recently published book.  You can get it on Amazon, Barnes and Noble or Best Buy.  Either in paperback or e-book format. Follow the adventures of Maria.  The stories are true stories that span over 30 years.  My desire is that is will encourage others as they go through challenges in life or simply inspire […]

Facing a Den of Lions

  FACING A DEN OF LIONS How do we live our lives while being true to ourselves and God? Daniel of old faced a den of lions. Even though we have no den of lions we face today, daily we make choices. Others tell us what is right and what is wrong in their thinking.   […]


FOOD LABELS WARNING: Look at Food Labels Before You Buy. My mom always said, “Your health is your wealth.” She knew what she was talking about! For years I have been looking at labels before I buy anything at the supermarket. The shorter the number of ingredients, the more words I recognize as food and […]

Welcome to Lookin Up with Mountainbird

Hi, I’m Mountainbird. I’m so glad you stopped by. I am an adventurer, writer, potter, costume jewelry designer, mother, foster parent, nutrition and legal service plan entrepreneur and insurance agent. In my former life I was a carpenter and professor of English, Writing, and English as a Second Language as well as a missionary. I […]