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Beautiful Rain

August 3, 2018



Years ago, my neighbor Nancy gave me a CD of an African group called Ladysmith Black Mambazo. I loved their song called Rain Rain Beautiful Rain. During those dark times after a divorce, I was severely depressed. How refreshing when I heard the songs refrain: ”beautiful rain.” I would smile. I always love how the earth looks after a rain. Many people complain every time it rains. We need rain or we won’t survive.


Who understands the benefit of rain more than people who have survived a drought stricken season and famine in the African desert? Once the rains come, it is possible for a harvest, which means food for the upcoming months. Just the thought that children will now eat again makes me feel like dancing in the rain.


When it is a particularly hard rain even here in the southeastern USA, I fling open the front door. I stand on the porch listening to the drain drops falling hard on the roof above me. I look and see glistening leaves, grass a new green you only see during a rain. I watch the rain falling from the roof. I smell the freshness of the previously hot stifling, suffocating, overly humid southern NC July air.


I hear the sounds on the porch rooftop. How new the earth looks. Deeply, I breathe in savoring how clean the air feels. I relax with the rain. I invite my foster child to watch and listen with me, hoping she will one day store this as a treasured memory.


Rain Rain Beautiful Rain.

See the youtube rendition below.

Rain Rain Beautiful Rain – Ladysmith Black Mambazo (Fifa 2010 World Cup)

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