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Never Ending Story--A Writer's Journey

August 3, 2018

As part of my ongoing writing journey, I published my first book after working on it for seven years. Currently, I will continue to work on this revised blog on this new to me website platform.  Hopefully, it will be more reader (and writer) friendly than the first attempt.  In process are two more books (a children’s picture book and a poetry collection) and a new book idea involving interviews.  I’ll talk more about these current and upcoming publications in future posts.


I actually had writing in boxes for years. I wrote stories and poetry as well as academic articles as part of my journey.  While I did publish a few poems, short stories and articles before publishing my first book, my confidence level was in the basement, so to speak. If I got a rejection from a publisher, I'd wait a year or more before sending anything off again.  Even though I knew that many famous writers had hundreds and even thousands of rejections before being published, my emotions were too fragile to face a rejection letter with objectively and to just persist. 


The decision to publish Lookin’ Up in Down Times was motivated by knowing if I did not publish, my children might just toss all my writing away one day. All the work and stories I felt someone might enjoy would be lost. My sister Angela insisted I enter a book writing contest.  I emailed it in a minute before the deadline. Perhaps, it did not make the deadline. Last minute me.  Anyhow the book was begun with that immediate goal of winning a writing contest.  Needless to say I did not win or the book would have been published years before now. 


The manuscript sat for at least a year before I began anew, I researched details about events and locations, added more chapters and revised endlessly, paid a few other editors, and proofread it aloud myself 5 times, and finally figured out the self-publishing process. When I pressed the button on the computer to send it in and publish, instantaneously, I saw another small proofreading error. I was ready to take it back, but decided to finally birth this baby.  


The end result is Lookin' Up in Down Times is available on all digital platforms in the USA and internationally in both paperback and e-book forms. When I figure out how to make it happen, I hope to make it available in audio.  


How is your writing journey going???

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