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Mountainbird & Friends: Cooking the Marvelous and Mundane

February 9, 2019


On Thursday, our Cooking Group, a Small Group with the church I attend (Life Community Church), met for the cooking demos. No one else had volunteered, so, when in doubt, I always make Greek soup and Salad. Also, as it turned out, Cameron made spaghetti sauces and Jane brought bran muffins with a recipe.  3 Videos will follow Video 1--Introductions. Video 2 Soup and Salad. Video 3 Getting Right Down to It--Let's Eat.


Video 1--Introductions.



Video 2 Soup and Salad. https://www.facebook.com/lookinupwithmountainbird/videos/337836850169798/


Video 3 Getting Right Down to It--Let's Eat.



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