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Breathing? God has a Purpose for You!

March 19, 2019


"If you are breathing, God has a purpose for you.  As long as you are breathing, somebody needs what you have: gifts, talents, smile, love, service."   Joel Osteen


Listening to a interview where a woman in the audience told how unworthy she felt, I loved Joel's response.  She had been divorced and still didn't think her body was perfect even though she lost 400 lbs.  She looked perfect to me.  Joel's answer was for her to affirm her worth.  And know her worth in God's eyes. 


It is so easy to get down on ourselves about not being perfect or after a great disappointment like an ending to a marriage.  I too know the devastation of realizing those forever vows would not be realized.  Often I too have achieved a great success only to feel an emptiness.  When I listened to that woman who lost 400 lbs, I could not believe what she was saying. How could she who looked so great think her body still needed more work? 


Then I remembered years of unremitting feelings of unworthiness.  When I got my doctorate after 8 long hard years of study, research and writing while caring for three sons as a single parent, my initial elation was fleeting.  I was still there--imperfect me.     


Today, I say to myself and others that perfection is only possible for God.  I am not perfect.  That is the truth.  But I am worthy.  No human endeavor will ever bring the joy that only God can bring.  God and His unconditional love fills any feelings of emptiness or unworthiness that try to steal my joy. 


How often I talk with others who feel like they are worthless. Who worry they are not good enough.  Who fret they have no reason for living, they have no purpose.  Who struggle to get energy for the day.  


Last night I watched a documentary on the opioid crisis.  Some fill that void with drugs or a fleeting high.  Many are dying due to overdoses.  It seems so frivolous to worry about a little extra fat on some part of one's body in comparison with a person so desperate they take fentanyl to forget their pain.  But there is no comparing pain.  One is as hard as the other when it is me or you.  Still while watching, I kept wanting to put my arms around some of them and let them know of God's love. 


Joel Osteen said it well.  "If you are breathing, God has a purpose for you"  I can't solve the opioid crisis, but I can give someone a smile, a hug, and my testimony of what God has done for me.  People wonder what their purpose is thinking it must be something big, that the world will value or has a specific title.  Well, I suppose I could give purpose a title.  The title is "Love."   Give a little away.  it is one thing you never lose when you give it away. Do it your way.  You are unique.   Don't forget what Joel Osteen said,  "As long as you have breath, somebody needs what you have.  Gifts, talents, smile, love, service."  

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