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CONSULT: Writing Process

March 19, 2019


Consulting, discussing, sharing. These are the public parts to the writing process.  When it comes down to it, writing is done alone usually but if the purpose is to share ideas, then somewhere along the line it is time to get public, so I went to a second business mentoring session, this time with two people from SCORE Mentors of the Cape Fear Region, Dan Levine and Ginger Blume.  They shared their ideas about my children's book, how to market, publishing, formatting, decision making and who else I might connect with.  Immediately afterwards, I visited 3 local bookstores to gain perspective on my current publishing venture.  I visited Books a Million-a large chain, Lifeway--our local Christian bookstore and Pomegranate Books--a local independent bookstore.  


Discovery in my search for a decision maker: everything seems to happen online at the large chain, no decision maker found there that day but browsing the Christian bookstore's children's section showed me book formatting trends in size and illustrations, and, finally, I found a person to talk with at the local independent bookstore!  Even though the bookstore was closed on Mondays and Kathleen Jewell, the owner of Pomegranate was on her way out, she stopped long enough to give me ideas on who to publish with and invited me to meet with her very soon.  In this era of constant online communication, it was refreshing to actually talk to a human being in person.  Next step is setting up a meeting with Kathleen and visiting the bookstore which celebrates a coffee shop within it--Zola.   Readers can read and sip coffee or tea while they read or chat with other book lovers.  Refreshing!  Stop by, if you are nearby.   Pomegranate Bookstore is at 4418 Park Ave (at Kerr Ave) in Wilmington, NC.


At the SCORE meeting, I also was given other groups to connect with.  No matter where you are, get out from behind your desk and meet people who give so much in ideas and interest.  


Who do you consult with about your writing??  What helps you in your writing process?

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