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God Paints the Sky

March 26, 2019


Copyright Mountainbird  1998 and before.   Some friends requested I share this poem.  About Autumn but really God paints the sky each season.  And every day. 


God Paints the Sky

By Mountainbird


I look and see God has been painting again.

When God paints the sky,

I breathe in gold, red. . .

His vista spreads before me.

He sent the rains.

Raining, raining, will it ever stop? I wonder.

Just what His palette needed.  This dew that glistens so intensely then

How the colors brighten up His sky.


Across undulating Massachusetts hills, the Creator

Colors my heart with hues

Of grandiose gold, rustic red, and pumpkin orange.

Crisp northern air and woodland beauty I devour. . .

I drink eat breathe in tall grasses

Trees, sky, clouds, friends, and the whispering wind.


Thank you, Lord, for painting the sky today.

No human artist will ever surpass your masterpiece

That we call autumn.

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