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"Like a Mother about her baby. How could anything so beautiful be mine?"

April 12, 2019



The first gathering of salads, radishes and herbs, like a mother about her baby. How could anything so beautiful be mine?  Alice B Toklas


First thinning of radishes made for baby radish greens and tiny little red beauties.  Plus winter-overed parsley and mint along with my very own alfalfa sprouts.  A "used-to" revived.   

I used to grow huge gardens, bake bread weekly, make yoghurt and sprout seeds and beans daily.  How wonderful it was to get a bumper crop of tomatoes and, right away, make gallons of into tomato sauce to can, since my ravenously hungry three sons would devour anything with tomato sauce, lasagne, spaghetti, pizza.  



So not only do I get a very delish salad with the help of spring greens from the grocery store. but I get a tossed jumble of good memories tossed into the mix.  Alice B. Toklas said it well that it summoned up thoughts of mothering and love for offspring.  Isn't spring lovely?


Any memories you have that spring or gardening awaken?  I hope you will share them below.  

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