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Gardening is Not for the Squeamish

June 9, 2019



An earlier post, Gardening: Chore, Challenge or Calm?, was all about how gardening brought me peace.  Perhaps, I spoke too soon.  With the increasing heat came an army of insects.  First, at my back garden, I spied a lonely soldier attacking.  Yikes. Who stripped off the all the leaves of two tomato plants?  Did deer get in?  Did another animal chew on my prized leaves?  I did put up a 2 foot fence, albeit not the most sturdy.  Then I looked at a third tomato plant with just its very top leaves stripped off.  Oh, the dreaded horn worm was feeding. This creature will scare the most courageous. Armed with the most perfect camouflage, he attacks.  He?  Well, I doubt it was a she. 


I must admit, in that shocking moment, I lost all squeamishness.  Yes, I grabbed the culprit (I know you animal lovers will be enraged) and stomped on him without remorse.  I admit I had gloves and shoes on.  LOL.


The next few days I discovered a more formidable foe or should I say virtual army of enemies.  I was watering and admiring the tomato plants laden with large green tomatoes just waiting to ripen into their lusciousness.  I was so proud.  As I moved on to watering the grape tomatoes, my mouth watering vision was crushed to the core when I spied a congregation of red dotted beasts surrounding each grape tomato.  These beasts pose a greater challenge than even the horn worm. Too little to just grab and stomp, I had to coax them off (with gloved fingers) and drop them into a toxic liquid. Yes, some of my tomatoes fell to the ground! The threat of ruined tomatoes bolstered my courage though.  So much for organic gardening.  Did I say it brought me peace to garden?  Hmmm. 


Well, my organic garden is not so organic for the beasts, excuse me, insects. Still, I promise I did spray the plants with only products approved of by true organic gardeners.  As for the beasts, I mean, tiny insects, I admit their fate was worse than the horn worm.  Then, there were the leaf hoppers.  They too were fated to die.  Could they be breeding the red spotted army?  Or are there just an infinite number of insects to combat?


I was about to drown in despair when I saw a cabbage fly by the beautiful cabbage.  "Rise up," I admonished myself.  Be stalwart.  Ah, a never ending torrent of beasts in the garden. A downright tsumani.  I shift to warrior mode, while a little voice inside wonders, "What next?"  

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